Why It Matters That the New Church Symbol Is Not a Logo


Last general conference, President Nelson announced a new symbol for the Church. The prophet’s explanation for the new symbol is in harmony with his call for correct usage of the name of the Church— it is a refocusing on Christ, not on rebranding. Of the symbol President Nelson said,

“It will remind all that this is the Savior’s Church and that all we do as members of His Church centers on Jesus Christ and His gospel.” 


Graphic courtesy of Church News.

The fact that this image is a symbol and not a logo is significant. Church News writes, 

“While a ‘logo’ is often used to brand products, a ‘symbol’ represents or stands for something—in this case, the Savior as head of His Church. As President Nelson explained, the symbol is ‘to help us remember Him and to identify The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the Lord’s Church.’ The symbol ‘will signify the central place of Jesus Christ in His Church.’”

Because the symbol represents the Savior, members are asked to “honor its reverence.” The Church’s Intellectual Property Division is establishing guidelines for when and how the symbol may be used. For example, the symbol should not be used “as a decorative element, a screen saver or background, or on t-shirts, buttons, or banners” (seeHandbook 38.8.11).

To read the full article about the symbol’s purpose and use see Church News.

Lead image from Church News.

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