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Why the Church Renovates Temples + Insights Into the Jordan River Temple Reconstruction


Mormon Newsroom released a fascinating video outlining the changes to the newly renovated Jordan River Utah Temple and explaining why the Church renovates old temples and plans to renovate many more in the coming years. 

"Latter-day Saint temples are a fixture of permanence wherever they're built in the world. They may vary in age and appearance, but what they openly share in their enduring nature is very much like the faith Mormons have in the divine," the video begins. 

Dean M. Davies, first counselor in the Presiding Bishopric, explains that God expects us to take care of those things over which we have stewardship, and that repairing and upgrading temples before they go into disrepair is "what the Lord expects." 

Watch the video to see in-depth video footage of the reconstructed temple, as well as details regarding the materials and new technologies that were used in the renovation. Not only will the improvements save the Church money on maintenance and operation costs, but they help the Church "become better stewards of our environment." 

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