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"With All Our Efforts, We Speak the Mind and Will of God": Elder Rasband Shares the Inspiration That Goes Into Giving Conference Talks


We are so excited for another inspiring conference weekend! Recently, Elder Ronald A. Rasband shared on Facebook a message that showed the devotion and inspiration that goes into every conference talk:

I have known from the day I was born that Jesus is the Christ. I love Him and I know that He presides at the head of the Church. President Monson is God’s prophet. I have sat knee to knee with him as he called me to this new office. Only the prophet can call Apostles. I love him; I know he is God’s prophet on the earth.
My fellow Church leaders and I have been preparing our general conference talks for months now. We take these assignments very seriously. The Lord has inspired us. With all our efforts, we speak the mind and will of God.
I invite you to join us for general conference this weekend. I promise you that you will be strengthened as you listen to #LDSconf with an earnest heart.

We can't wait to hear these inspired Church leaders speak!

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