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Women and the priesthood: Resources for a 5-minute, 60-minute, or in-depth study


With the Church's current emphasis on home-centered gospel learning, Latter-day Saints are striving to understand priesthood power perhaps more than ever. Some people are surprised to learn that priesthood authority, privileges, and power apply to women as well as to men.

The fact that women are not ordained to the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is for some a sticking point, and it can even be a hot topic or a potential media controversy. Others aren't troubled by the issue at all. But wherever you fall on that spectrum, you'll be fascinated by a doctrinal exploration of a topic that is crucial for both women and men to understand.

Here are a few great resources for a 5-minute, 60-minute, in-depth, or month-long study of women and their priesthood power and privileges.

Got 5 minutes?

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Video Companion
Barbara Morgan Gardner's 5-minute Fireside: Women and Priesthood Power

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Video Companion
Wendy Ulrich's 5-Minute Fireside: Living Up to Your Privileges

Got an hour?

Barbara Morgan Gardner’s journey to understanding her access to priesthood power as a woman began when she was a young girl wondering which scriptures applied to her and which ones didn’t. On this episode of All In, Gardner shares both doctrinal insights and practical tips for accessing and celebrating the gift of priesthood power to both men and women.

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Are women meant to simply be recipients of the blessings of the priesthood, or do women actively participate in the priesthood? On an episode of the All In podcast, Wendy Ulrich, author of Live Up To Our Privileges, explains that there are many ways women are able to, and even expected to, exercise priesthood power.

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Have you ever wondered how to call on priesthood power as a Latter-Day Saint woman? Turns out you’re not the only one. Join us for a super exciting bonus episode with podcast host Tammy Uzelac Hall and special guest Barbara Morgan Gardner as they answer questions gathered from social media about women and the priesthood.

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This inspiring presentation from former Young Women General President Elaine S. Dalton was given during the Time Out for Women 2019 HEAR Tour. Her message focuses on the privileges and potential of women in the Church and how they can reach their full potential and enjoy all the blessings of the priesthood.

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Barbara Morgan Gardner’s presentation given during the Time Out for Women 2019 HEAR Tour highlights how women specifically can better understand—and utilize—the priesthood in their everyday lives.

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Want a more in-depth study?

In Women and the Priesthood, Sheri Dew discusses the varying responsibilities of men and women in the context of key doctrine of the Church. This includes understanding the eternal truth that women are vital to the success of the Lord’s Church, that God expects women to receive revelations, and that both men and women have access to God’s highest spiritual blessings. This newly revised edition includes the most recent teachings from prophets and apostles and shows how studying the doctrine of the priesthood will help you find the answers you seek about women and the priesthood.

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Also available as a journal edition

For the first time ever, this beloved gospel classic is available in a new journal edition, providing you with large margins to use as a canvas to express your thoughts, document insights you’ve received, or create your own visual art to help deepen your understanding of this important gospel topic.

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The Priesthood Power of Women by Barbara Morgan Gardner

In The Priesthood Power of Women, author Barbara Morgan Gardner explores teachings of the living prophets and scriptures to increase our understanding of God’s power as it operates in the temple, the Church, and the family. Her well-documented research demonstrates that women have more authority and power in all those settings than they may have previously supposed. This powerful book will help all members, especially women, more completely understand God’s power and take full advantage of the powers, blessings, and privileges available to them in this mortal journey.

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Live Up to Our Privileges by Wendy Ulrich

Best-selling author and acclaimed psychologist Wendy Ulrich explains how by following the Savior’s example, women can act within priesthood authority and covenants to fulfill their individual missions, help save the human family, and empower rising generations. By qualifying for the gifts of the Holy Ghost and the temple endowment, women can nourish, teach, serve, pray, lead, heal, parent, prophesy, minister, and testify with priesthood power. This book will help you grow in power in the priesthood as you better understand the priesthood authority women have been given, learn to clarify and live your deepest values, and hone the skill of discerning and acting on the promptings of the Holy Ghost—ultimately growing toward your highest spiritual potential. 

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Want to study with us all month long?

Join us for the month of April 2021 as we read and study the newly revised edition of Sheri Dew's best seller Women and the Priesthood together. Recently updated to include the most recent teachings and quotes from Church leaders as well as timely stories and new insights, our study will include a Q&A discussion with hosts Kate Lee, Barbara Morgan Gardner, Emily Orton, and Sister Elaine Dalton!

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