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‘You cannot fake what I saw today’: Why a doctor in South Africa was touched by Apostle’s visit

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Elder D. Todd Christofferson visits premature babies in incubators at Tambo Memorial Hospital in Boksburg, South Africa, on Monday, May 27, 2024. The Church has donated supplies, technology, and funding to help the 118-year-old institution care for more babies in need.
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As part of his ministry to the Africa South Area, which includes South Africa, Madagascar, Angola, and Mozambique, Elder D. Todd Christofferson has been busy ministering among families and Church members, as well as looking in on the “the least of these,” or maybe in this case, “the tiniest of these.”

While visiting South Africa, Elder Christofferson witnessed some of the Church’s humanitarian efforts in a visit to Tambo Memorial Hospital in the Boksburg neighborhood on May 26.

Church News reports that during a tour of one of the hospital wards, Elder Christofferson and his wife, Kathy, along with other Area Church leadership, met a mother cradling her brand-new baby. The group also saw babies in incubators in a long, crowded ward on another floor and toured the pediatric area for older infants.

Over the years, the Church has been able to assist the 118-year-old government hospital, which has faced numerous infrastructure challenges and pressing needs—including caring for the tiniest of premature babies small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Dr. Londiwe Buthelezi of Tambo Memorial Hospital witnessed the Church leaders and their wives intently listening and exhibiting compassion as care processes and hospital procedures were explained. She told them, “I understand now why you do the things that you do. You cannot fake what I saw today.”

In response, Elder Christofferson said how grateful the Church is for the staff’s devotion and sacrifice because the Lord has taught that the worth of souls is great in His sight. He said that he could see how the hospital staff tries to follow in the Savior’s footsteps: “He is the living Savior, and in the end, He will make all things right.”

During his visit, Elder Christofferson also told hospital staff that the Church would be making another substantial financial donation to the hospital. On hearing this, the doctors and hospital staff became overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude.

You can read this full story on Church News here.

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