10 Ways President Nelson Has Shown He Is Our Prophet Since Last Conference

After last general conference, there was no doubt in my mind that President Russell M. Nelson is a prophet of God and the man meant to lead the Church today. Every single day since that historic conference, that reassurance has deepened into an unshakeable conviction. Here are just a few ways President Nelson has shown he is the Lord's prophet on the earth today.

1. He fearlessly follows the will of our Heavenly Father.

When media outlets across the nation read President Nelson's statement regarding the name of the Church, some ignored him. Others openly scoffed and mocked. Others still said it was impossible—that it can't be done. President Nelson's response?

“I know it can’t—but it’s going to be, because the Lord wants it that way. . . . We don’t have all the answers. All we know is the Lord has said, ‘Thus shall my church be called . . . The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.' That’s enough for me.”

That's the kind of man we want leading the Church—someone who relies wholeheartedly on what the Lord tells him and someone not afraid to accomplish the impossible. President Nelson knows a lot about accomplishing the impossible, having spent his life performing groundbreaking heart surgeries and serving the Lord. He even wrote an entire book on the topic explaining how angels and the help of heaven enable us to overcome sin and move mountains.

2. He is a master at receiving revelation.

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The First Presidency addressing media at a press conference on Jan. 16, 2018. Image from Newsroom.

During his first general conference address to all Church members worldwide, President Nelson asked, "How can we become the men and women, the Christlike servants, the Lord needs us to be?" His answer included learning how to seek personal revelation for ourselves so we can witness "how willing God is to reveal His mind to us."

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President Nelson practiced what he preached the night before general conference, when he received a prompting to announce a temple in India. “Our plans were to announce six new temples at conference time,” President Nelson told the Deseret News. “The Lord told me on the eve of conference: ‘Announce a temple in India.’ . . . That was the Lord's doing.”

3. He's not afraid to challenge and stretch us.

During the same general conference talk mentioned above, President Nelson gave Church members 13 challenges to help them unlock the mysteries of heaven. He continued to offer challenges throughout conference that bless and enrich our lives.

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Soon after, President Nelson challenged the youth of the Church to participate in a seven-day social media fast, and Church members were quick to see the blessings. President Nelson has continued this pattern of offering challenges and blessings to Church members he's met across the world, understanding what each group and each person most needs.

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How blessed we are to have a prophet who speaks out, provides direction, and allows us to grow more Christlike each and every day.

4. He has more energy than seems humanly possible.

President Nelson skiiing. Image from KSL.

Not only is it mindboggling for a 94-year-old to be a regular on the ski slopes, but it seems exhausting for any human being to keep up the constant globe-trotting, public speaking, meetings, announcements, and updates that are piled on top of the day-to-day duties of keeping God's Church not only functioning but spreading across the entire world. And yet what words do people use to describe our prophet? Energetic, sharp, strong, noble, quick, giving, vivacious, kind, courageous, genuine—all words that demonstrate his indomitable energy when it comes to the work of the Lord. How is this humanly possible? In my opinion, it isn't. This is another remarkable example of the way the Lord sustains, strengthens, and fortifies those who perform His work.

5. He loves others deeply, personally, and cares for their spiritual well-being.

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President Nelson with a young boy from Brazil. Image from the Deseret News.

Images flood social media of President Nelson holding children, reaching for members' hands, and embracing others. Our prophet not only demonstrates his love through his counsel and direction, he lives, acts, and breathes that love in how he interacts with every person he comes in contact with.

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