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President Nelson Invites Latter-day Saints to Hang 5 Things on the Walls of Their Homes


Beginning Friday, June 8, President Russell M. Nelson, Sister Wendy W. Nelson, Elder Ronald A. Rasband, and Sister Melanie T. Rasband met with members of the Church in Canada, speaking in Edmonton, Calgary, and Raymond over three consecutive days.

During this time, President Nelson shared many powerful messages with Latter-day Saints, testifying that the Book of Mormon “is a gift from God to all of mankind. Guard it, know it, read it, study it, teach it and give God thanks for that great gift to us,” according to Meridian Magazine.

Among the special messages offered, President Nelson encouraged Church members to hang certain reminders of the plan of salvation in their home: “I invite the members of the Church to place on the walls of their homes pictures of their family, pictures of their grandparents, pictures as a couple, pictures of their children, and pictures of the temple. These all symbolize God’s eternal plan. It’s all about the family.”

President Nelson also challenged Church members to be a little kinder, encouraged couples to continue courting each other, and invoked an apostolic blessing.

Learn more about how President Nelson inspired the Saints in Canada by following the link below.

Lead image from Meridian Magazine
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