20 Ideas for Feeding Hungry Missionaries


16. Steak fajitas. This is one meal that gives the missionaries the joy of choosing what they want to eat as they make their own fajita.

17. Chicken fricassee & rice. Not sure what this even is? It's actually France's favorite comfort food.This French sauce over rice is a real delicassy and is sure to leave your missionaries wanting seconds. (Replace the white wine in the recipe with chicken or vegetable stock or white grape or apple juice.)

18. Curry chicken and rice. Your missionaries will love having a taste of India in between all the other typical dinner appointments. 

19. Chile rellenos. Another idea that comes south of the border. This cheesy, spicy meal is sure to please. 

20. Crepes. You can make this recipe from Our Best Bites either salty or sweet. No matter which way, they're going to taste delicious!

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