Mormons and the Watergate Scandal: 5 Fascinating Connections

Bob Bennett

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Another Utah Senator, Bob Bennett, has a purely speculative and mythical connection to Watergate. For years following the Watergate scandal, rumors about the mysterious identity of the Washington Post's informant, called Deep Throat, circulated throughout the media.

Deep Throat, though a secret source, was known to be high up in the U.S. government and helped reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein unravel many of the conspiracies surrounding Watergate. For years, rumors flew that the identity of the mysterious figure was the U.S. Senator from Utah, Bob Bennett.

The reasons for this connection were varied, and, as Bob Bennett told the Deseret News, "the reason[s] do[n't] seem logical now, but in those paranoid times, it made sense because of ties I had."

For instance, Senator Bennett employed ex-CIA agent Howard Hunt part time. Hunt spent the rest of his time working at the White House and was the one in charge of orchestrating the break-in at the Watergate Hotel. Senator Bennett was also a member of the Nixon administration with a number of contacts at the White House. 

In addition, Mullen & Co., a company Bennett purchased, was a front for the CIA, something Bennett says he didn't know until he discovered contracts the company held with the CIA. 

Whatever the rumors, in 2005 Vanity Fair revealed the identity of Deep Throat—and it wasn't Bennett. Mark Felt, a former top FBI official, was the man revealed to be the informant, putting to rest any speculation that Bob Bennett had ties to Watergate.

Image from Deseret News.
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