15 Talks All LDS Teens Need to Hear

Filling Your Testimony Tank

Brad Wilcox

"You have much more testimony than you're giving yourself credit for."

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Brad Wilcox maintains that young people who struggle with the gospel and claim that they don't have a testimony or have "lost" it really do have a testimony, even though their "testimony tank" may not be completely full. He explains in this fireside to LDS youth that members of the Church have testimonies at different levels—perhaps 1/4 full (a testimony of experience) or 1/2 full (a testimony through study), and so on. But adding to these 'testimony tanks' often is part of living the gospel— constantly finding ways to strengthen our testimonies, or "fill" them. In his typically enthusiastic way, Brad discusses what it means to have a testimony tank gauge indicating these various levels and how to keep your tank at full.

Thou Shalt Be Nice

Hank Smith

"When the Lord says stand ye in holy places, standing takes two feet. You don’t put one foot in the world and one foot in the Church. He does not say, stand one foot in holy places. He says stand ye in holy places. It takes 100 percent commitment."

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Before he met his future father-in-law, Hank’s experience with chickens was pretty much limited to the fingerlickin’ good kind or those little nugget things you dip in sauce. But Hank learned that chickens have a “pecking order” within the flock, and at the bottom of this order is often found a scrawny, pathetic bird just struggling to survive. Hank also learned that people can be a lot like chickens—especially in junior high and high school. In order to make themselves more “popular,” teens often break into little groups and pick on someone who doesn’t quite fit in. In this entertaining and eye-opening talk, Brother Smith describes how his life was changed by the example of someone who didn’t follow the flock, but instead reached out to others to help them feel loved. He shares what he calls the “Laura Larsen Challenge” as he invites others to rise above the pecking order and be nice!

Real Life

Hank Smith

"The armor of God is not convenient or comfortable, but that is not its purpose. God isn’t all that interested in how comfy you are. Why do we wear the armor God? Not to make us comfy and not to make it convenient, but to protect us."

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Sometimes, life doesn’t go exactly as planned. The fact is, in spite of our best efforts, real life can be tough and living the gospel can be difficult. In this inspiring and entertaining talk from popular speaker Hank Smith, we are reminded that life has its challenges, but eternal life has its rewards. Brother Smith likes Paul’s analogy of putting on the whole armor of God because armor isn’t designed for comfort. “We wear the armor of God,” says Brother Smith, “not the ‘sweats of heaven.’ We don’t put on the ‘hoodie of happiness,’ we put on the breastplate of righteousness. It’s not the ‘beanie of benevolence,’ it’s the helmet of salvation. Remember, the armor of God isn’t meant to be comfortable or convenient, it’s meant to protect us.” Using enlightening stories and impactful scriptures, Brother Smith teaches us how we can be sure we are on the Lord’s team and following His path. He reminds us that there is great power in truly living the gospel in real life.