15 Talks All LDS Teens Need to Hear

Trusting the Savior in a World that Doesn't: Life Lessons for Youth

Christopher B. Munday

"Some many of us nibble the scriptures. So many of us lick the scriptures. But it’s when we feast upon the scriptures that we feel strength to our lives."

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Question: How can I be truly happy? In his charming British accent, Christopher B. Munday gives clear answers through his humorous, inspiring, and even life-changing stories about growing up in Gravesend, England. From dealing with a disobedient dog to saving a son from a giant wave to loving a wayward family member, Christopher B. Munday teaches powerful gospel lessons that will help young men and young women build faith and find true courage.

He also teaches the importance of making the right choice at the right time, learning to hear and recognize the voice of God in your life every day, and focusing on blessings that come from "fully trusting the Savior." Learn three simple keys that will bring spiritual protection and happiness to the youth of the Church.

With All Your Might, Mind and Strength

G. Sheldon Martin

"There is no better work to be involved in than missionary work."

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Young men and women wanting to serve the Lord as missionaries must prepare themselves in many ways. One of the most important and sometimes overlooked ways in which they need to prepare is emotionally. In this informative and enlightening talk, G. Sheldon Martin, a mental health counselor and instructor for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion, shares practical ways prospective missionaries can be prepared to successfully serve the Lord. Using insights gleaned from his years of training and experience in the mental health field, Brother Martin presents eight hypothetical emotionally stressful situations missionaries might face and then describes what kinds of things potential missionaries and their parents can do beforehand to prepare. He addresses issues such as being homesick, dealing with rejection, feeling shy, getting along with companions, learning to work hard, and feeling worthy to serve. With All Your Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength will be an invaluable tool for all who are called to serve.

How to Survive Your Greatest Blessings

Emily Watts

"All things work together for our good, even when we can’t possibly see what Heavenly Father has in mind."

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If you have a job, or children, or a spouse, or a body, you probably understand the idea of a "mixed blessing." Popular speaker and author Emily Watts observes, "It's as if every mortal experience is a coin with two sides. If you want to be happy, learn to see the blessing side of the coin." She goes on to give many examples, framed by her own hilarious, real-life stories, illustrating how to shed our pride, rejoice in the blessings we've been given, and trust that the Lord knows what he is doing even when we can't see what He has in mind for us.