Touching Advice and Stories Apostles Have Shared About Fatherhood

by | Jun. 12, 2019

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Elder Ulisses S. Soares

Image from ChurchofJesusChrist.org

Gustavo, the Soareses’ oldest child, remembers the night when, as a boy, he disobeyed his parents and slipped away to check out an annual celebration in their São Paulo neighborhood known as Festa Junina.

“I was in the middle of a large crowd having a good time when I heard an announcer call me up to the front,” he says. “That’s when I saw my dad.”

His parents had been worried sick, but rather than scold Gustavo, Ulisses hugged him tight.

“We had a serious conversation about me getting lost, but my parents treated me with respect,” Gustavo recalls. “I felt protected, and I knew that they really loved me.”

Ulisses is devoted to his family. Despite his busy work and travel schedule over the years, he made time to build relationships with his children.

When Elder Soares was sustained to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on March 31, 2018, perhaps no one was more surprised than Gustavo and his two sisters, Lethicia Caravello and Nathalia Soares Avila. But if love, hard work, empathy, and humility qualify a person for the apostleship, they say, they can understand why the Lord called their father.

“When Jesus called His Apostles, He didn’t pick the most knowledgeable Pharisees, He picked fishermen,” says Lethicia. “My father and mother are like that. They totally trust the Lord, and He uses them to fulfill His works because He knows they are selfless, willing to work hard, and humble enough to accept correction.”

Their father’s “big heart” will help him as he goes forward as one of the Savior’s special witnesses, adds Nathalia. “He has the heart for it,” she says. “He feels heaven’s influence, and he loves everybody and wants to do what’s right."

Quoted from "Elder Ulisses Soares: A Man without Guile"

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