As a Prophet and Great-Grandfather of 119, President Nelson Shares Specific Insights and Blessings Parents Should Know

Speaking to Latter-day Saints in British Columbia over the weekend, President Russell M. Nelson shared specific counsel on a topic he knows very well: parenting. Having raised 10 children of his own, President Nelson, also the grandfather of 57 and great-grandfather of 119, offered insight on the things parents should teach their children, Church News reported

After emphasizing the importance of helping them understand what it means to be children of God and teaching them about their Savior, President Nelson’s advice became more specific. He spoke of helping children understand the significance of the sacrament and teaching children through prophets. He asked parents to read the scriptures with their children and included a specific blessing afforded to those who do. 

“Read the Book of Mormon to these wonderful children,” he said. “Read the Bible and other standard works to them. They will be better students in all of their subjects if they learn to read along with you.” 

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Lead image by Kristin Murphy, Deseret News, retrieved from Church News

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