Divine Nature Reimagined: What If 'Child of God' Were Your Job Title?

I sat recently in a Relief Society lesson in my Midsingles Ward where the teacher had us each consider our profession or vocation. We were asked to write a basic description of our job, major duties, qualifications, accountabilities and reporting structures, and so on. Every sister sitting in the room had a very different story to tell about her professional life, but each was an equally valid account of a work situation. She then asked us to explore the idea of “Daughter of God” as if it was a job. What were the major responsibilities? Who did we report to and how?

As we discussed how “Daughter of God” paralleled other job titles, I was struck by how connected the two things already are in my life. Many of the characteristics befitting a Daughter of God can be an asset in my daily work. Spending time developing those attributes does not signify a departure from the rest of my life, but rather time spent enhancing who I am as a person. There is an undeniable benefit to being more patient in long meetings, more gracious and thoughtful in conflicts or confrontations, and more prayerful in interviews and hiring. In short, becoming a better Daughter of God will help me be better in every other arena as well.

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