Favorite Hymns of All 16 Latter-day Prophets

Heber J. Grant

“Come, Come, Ye Saints,”

17018The favorite hymn of President Heber J. Grant celebrates his pioneer heritage: "Come, Come, Ye Saints." He said: “I have never heard and never expect to hear, to the day of my death, my favorite hymn, ‘Come, come, ye Saints, no toil nor labor fear, But with joy wend your way,’ [without thinking] of the death and the burial of my little baby sister and the wolves digging up her body on the plains. I think of the death of my father’s first wife and the bringing of her body here for burial.”

According to Teachings: Heber J. Grant, he reportedly "felt that it was important for Church members to understand the hymn—particularly the fourth verse, with its message of hope regarding those who 'die before [the] journey’s through' and those whose lives are 'spared again to see the Saints their rest obtain.'"

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