Ryan Gosling Responds to Dance Video from LDS Childhood

Did you know that famous actor Ryan Gosling was raised as a Latter-day Saint? Before he was performing in blockbuster hits like The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid Love, he was performing in dance recitals and even on the stage of his LDS chapel in a ward talent show.

Yesterday, a new video from 1992 showcasing a young Ryan Gosling's dance moves came to light, sparking a renewed interest in Gosling's history with dance. Check out the brief dance summary from Now This News--the first clip is the new footage from 1992, the second clip is from an LDS talent show in 1991:

The full video from the stake talent show has over 1.7 million views and features Gosling performing with his sister, Mandi. 

The video's description shares: "This was before he won the spot on the Mickey Mouse Club. My family and I were there at the time and filmed everything. A couple years later we found this video collecting dust in our garage, so we posted it on YouTube!"

Check out Gosling singing "When a Man Loves a Woman" and dancing to C+C Music Factory. It's pretty adorable.

In light of the review of his dancing skills, Gosling tweeted a gracious and witty response to the sudden attention on his childhood dance moves:

Though Gosling is no longer active in the faith, some Latter-day Saints still have a love for Gosling-related viral content in the form of funny, LDS-themed "Hey, Girl memes" like these:


From mormonheygirl.tumblr.com


From mormonheygirl.tumblr.com


From mormonheygirl.tumblr.com

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