The Thanksgiving I Decided to Turn Myself in to Jail

On Thanksgiving night in 2008, Taylor Richards of Sandy, Utah sat in his dark car a few miles from his parents’ home. He was exhausted, cold, 25 years old and a raging alcoholic.

He was also alone.

This wrong kind of silent night was interrupted by a phone call from his brother Spencer. A few minutes later, they sat together in the front seat of his Subaru wagon and ate turkey and stuffing on paper plates.

“I knew I needed to do something,” Richards told me during a recent interview, “but getting and staying sober and happy seemed about as likely building a space shuttle out of the few belongings I had in my car and then orbiting the Earth.”

Perhaps fueled that night by both the warm food and the warmth of his brother’s unconditional love, Richards decided that it was time to turn himself in to jail and to make the kinds of sacrifices he’d always resisted. Before saying goodnight to Spencer, he’d decided to sell his most prized possessions — his ski equipment — and promised that the next day he would answer to whatever warrants were waiting for him.

Lead image from Jason F. Wright.

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