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Mormonism besieged by the modern age

January 31, 2012
source: Reuters

Photo from Reuters.

MR says: Did you know that of the 14 million members, it's estimated only 5 million are active? Facts like this are being brought up in the midst of this "Mormon Moment." Good article.

A religious studies class late last year at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, was unusual for two reasons. The small group of students, faculty and faithful there to hear Mormon Elder Marlin Jensen were openly troubled about the future of their church, asking hard questions. And Jensen was uncharacteristically frank in acknowledging their concerns.

Did the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints know that members are "leaving in droves?" a woman asked.

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mabbott said...

06:14 AM
on Feb 01, 2012

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I walked precincts for Prop 8 and remained faithful. Finally, my "bookcase became too full" and I made an informed decision. Elder Jensen thinks that's apostasy? I think "the unexamined life is not worth living." It's unfortunate that the Church's first concern is for potential missionaries and not for lifelong members. It's a cost-benefit analysis I suppose.

byupapa said...

08:32 AM
on Feb 01, 2012

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Pep without purpose is piffle. What is the purpose of this article?

darkhorse said...

12:24 PM
on Feb 01, 2012

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This Reuters article has a bit of deceptive slant...partially leads one to believe it is written by a well informed, perhaps even active church member. However, obviously not. Also, Mr. Biscoe (quoted "church researcher") is not speaking in behalf of the church regarding his "opinion" of gays.

interesting-topic said...

03:40 PM
on Feb 01, 2012

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I think that this article addresses an interesting issue that I have experienced in my own life. As a 30 year convert, I am seriously considering looking elsewhere for spiritual guidance. How many times can we read the SAME manual with the SAME things in them and be scared to deviate from them because that's apostate thinking? Are we just concerned with perpetuating ourselves as a religion or do the leaders really know what my life is like? I've seen the people leaving in droves in my own Ward because their lives don't fit the "dream" and there is no place for them. I'm glad to hear Elder Jensen is addressing the issues. WE ALL need to.

maryp said...

12:15 PM
on Feb 04, 2012

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The whole under-lying basis for activity in the Church is a TESTIMONY. When one receives a true testimony from the Holy Ghost, one can draw on that experience when 'times get tough'. There are many aspects of the gospel that require testimony in order for one to embrace that aspect. Yes, sometimes I find myself with questions about the B. of M. but I hearken back to that soul-filling testimony I received while a teenager and I put my doubts aside. I don't think one needs to "hide" one's doubts, but you should go to the right individuals to discuss doubts where answers can be given and topics discussed openly. It all boils down to TESTIMONY. If you have one, lean on it.
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