"Today" Features LDS Parents' Funny "Infertility Announcements"

by | May 11, 2016

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Recently, Today featured an LDS couple, Whitney and Spencer Blake, who have been able to find a bit of humor in their heartbreak. After seven years of infertility, they decided to create fun "infertility announcements," just like the baby announcements you see so regularly on Facebook and Instagram.

We love this sweet thought Whitney shared: "After over seven years of infertility, I can say that while I will never love the heartache of infertility, I have developed an appreciation for how it has shaped my story. Infertility led me to my boys. I can't think about life without infertility, because what if that would have meant life without them? Infertility is part of what created our family." 

Whitney and Spencer Blake, 30, were about three years into their struggle with unexplained infertility when they came up with an idea while on a road trip together. "We had been talking about how it feels to hear pregnancy announcements and thought it might be funny to create our own infertile versions," Spencer Blake told TODAY Parents. "We were cracking ourselves up as we brainstormed in the car."

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The result of that mobile brainstorming session is a series of "infertility announcements" on their blog, playing off of popular pregnancy announcements on the internet. The Blakes, who live in Nampa, Idaho, didn't create the announcements to actually send them out to friends and family, but rather to raise awareness about infertility and express how it can feel to be on the other side of those joyful announcements when you don't have good news of your own to share.

Images from Whitney and Spencer's blog.
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