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The golden question to ask yourself before teaching kids gospel lessons

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Three Primary children sing together.
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Beyond just material for studying the scriptures, the Come, Follow Me manual offers some wonderful advice on teaching children. The material for June 17–23 says,

“As you prepare to teach, rather than planning things to say, ask yourself, ‘What will the children do to learn?’ Children will learn better and remember longer when they actively participate.”

So the next time you are teaching, whether at home or at church, take a moment to ponder how children can participate, too. From acting out a scene from scripture and singing a song to coloring a picture, there are so many ways children can engage with a lesson.

Want more ideas? The end of each lesson in the Come, Follow Me manual usually includes a list of creative teaching ideas for kids. For example, in a few weeks, we will discuss the friendship between Alma and Amulek. The manual has a fun idea to help children learn about friendship:

“Maybe you could make a friendship puzzle: find or draw a picture representing friendship and cut it into puzzle pieces. On the back of each piece, write something we can do to be a good friend, including things Alma and Amulek did. Your children could take turns selecting a piece and adding it to the puzzle as you read what is written on the back. Who needs our friendship?”

The Friend magazine is also a great resource for ideas.

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