10 Amazing Mormons in World History

9. William DeVries and Barney Clark

Mormons Who Have Made History

Photo Dr. William DeVries and Barney Clark retrieved from wired.com.

On December 2, 1982, Dr. William DeVries and Barney Clark made medical history. Dr. DeVries, an LDS heart surgeon who had been granted permission from the United States Food and Drug Administration to implant the polyurethane Jarvik-7 artificial heart in humans, performed the first transplant on Barney Clark, who was also a Mormon.

The operation was risky, but Clark, who suffered from congestive heart failure, decided to take the risk to help advance science. Clark didn’t expect to live more than a few days after the operation, but since doctors had determined he was too sick for a normal heart transplant, the artificial heart was his only hope for recovery. Clark’s health was poor after the operation, but he lived longer than expected—112 days.

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10. Mitt Romney

Mormons Who Have Made History

Photo of Mitt Romney during a campaign trip in Arizona retrieved from en.wikipedia.org.

Mitt Romney claimed a spot in Mormon history by becoming the first Latter-day Saint to win a major party nomination for the United States presidency. Though he did not win, his candidacy was considered a huge milestone, evidence of the slow disintegration of prejudices against the Latter-day Saints. 

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