Temple Announced in Conference Fulfills Incredible Prophecy +10 Other Temples That Have Fulfilled Prophecies

The announcement of seven new temples to be built across the world (three of which are the first in their countries) this conference was an exciting and historic message to many members—and it even fulfilled prophecy.

There have been times when prophets and apostles have foretold of temples to be built in countries around the world, including the Managua Nicaragua Temple President Russell M. Nelson just announced this weekend.

Here are 11 examples of temples that were foretold by leaders of the Church long before they were built to serve the Saints. 

1. Managua Nicaragua Temple

Then-Elder Russel M. Nelson told saints in Nicaragua on Jan. 12, 2012, "I promise you that when you are ready, the Lord will do His part so that you will have a temple." On April 1, 2018, President Nelson fulfilled his promise to the Nicaraguan Saints with the announcement that the first temple in the country was to be built in Managua. 

"I know that the Church will continue to grow and bless this nation," President Nelson said of his visit in 2012. "You will be the means by which the Lord will pour out His blessings." 

2. Curitiba Brazil Temple

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President Spencer W. Kimball told the Saints in Brazil in 1953, "One day, in this region, there will be a temple of the Lord," while at the dedication of the Ipomeia meetinghouse, according to ldschurchtemples.com. More than 50 years later, President Gordon B. Hinckley selected the site for the Curitiba temple in 2004. 

President Hinckley planned to take President James E. Faust, who served a mission in Curitiba, with him to the dedication, but both passed away before the ceremony. The temple was dedication by President Monson on June 1, 2008, during his first trip outside North America as a prophet. 

3. Panama City Panama Temple

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When President Hinckley visited the Saints during a member meeting in Panama in December 2000, he promised the 5,000 members in attendance that if they were faithful in paying their tithing and kept the commandments, the Church would find a way to build a temple in Panama, according to ldschurchtemples.com.

Though the cost of the temple would be more than these members' tithing contributions, President Hinckley promised the Lord would bless the Saints with a temple if they obeyed. Less than two years later, the announcement was made for the Panama City Panama Temple, which was later dedicated on August 10, 2008, by President Monson. 

4. Sapporo Japan Temple

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In 1948, when Hokkaidō, Japan, opened again for LDS missionaries, the Church began to grow in Sapporo. In fact, on July 17, 1949, during a prayer at the dedicatory services for the Tokyo mission home, Elder Matthew Cowley prophecied that the growth of the Church in the area would lead to many blessings, including temples in the land, according to ldschurchtemples.com.

While the Toyko Japan Temple was opened on September 15, 1980, the Saints in Sapporo firmly believed there would also be a temple in Sapporo one day. 

Then, on October 3, 2009, President Monson made the announcement that a temple would be built in Sapporo. The announced was met with cheers from the Saints in Sapporo, who now saw there would, in fact, be more than one temple Japan.

The temple was dedicated August 21, 2016, by President Russell M. Nelson. 

5. Star Valley Wyoming Temple

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When Elder Moses Thatcher, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, visited Star Valley, Wyoming, looking for a place for the Saints to colonize in the late 1870s, he named the valley Star Valley because "it is the star of all valleys," according to ldschurchtemples.com. Later, he would prophecy to George Goddard, an officer of the Church, that "a fine tract of bench land on the eastern portion of Afton will afford a beautiful site for a Temple," according to ldschurchtemples.com

On October 1, 2011, President Monson fulfilled Elder Thatcher's prophecy with the announcement that the Star Valley Wyoming Temple would be built in Afton. On October 30, 2016, the Star Valley Temple was dedicated by David A. Bednar. 

6. Winnipeg Manitoba Temple 

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While visiting a congregation of more than 1,500 Saints in 1998, President Hinckley addressed the challenge many faced as some members had to drive 14 hours to the nearest temple. 

"Some time, you will have a temple. But not now. Keep on driving. I urge every one of you, don't wait for it," he said, according to ldschurchtemples.com

And on April 2, 2011, President Monson made the announcement that the members in Winnipeg would receive a temple, significantly diminishing the travel time and cost for members in Manitoba. The groundbreaking of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple was December 3, 2016, and the construction of the temple is expected to begin spring 2017. 

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