10 Must-Read LDS Books in Addition to Scriptures

by | Jul. 29, 2014

Mormon Life

I feel closer to the Lord when I study the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, or Pearl of Great Price than when I study any other books. Each book of scripture is deserving of a lifetime of devoted study.

Beyond the scriptures themselves, the list of other books that have profoundly strengthened my testimony is a long list indeed. Below, I highlight ten LDS books that have blessed my life and fed my mind and my soul. In some cases, I was fortunate to find these books early in life; others I discovered more recently. In each case, they have become part of the fabric of my testimony and have brought me to a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the truths contained in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

For Practical Application of the Atonement


Aside from scripture, The Peacegiver had a more profound influence on my understanding of how to apply the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ in my life than any book I have ever read. My grasp of Christ’s offering to us changed forever when I read this book.

For Understanding, Comparing, and Contrasting Evangelical and LDS Beliefs


I was introduced to How Wide the Divide? when I was in college studying at BYU, and it is the only book on this list that I read in one sitting. I was so captivated by the book that I read all night until I finished it. With a respectful tone on both sides, Craig Blomberg and Stephen Robinson discuss similarities and differences in the beliefs of Evangelical Christians and Mormons in four major areas of doctrine. 

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