10 Experiences Any Latter-day Saint Who Has Moved to Utah Will Know Well


Moving to Utah can be an adjustment for members of the Church, but don't worry. You're not alone. Here are ten things movers might relate to:

1. The jokes from your non-Utah friends.

2. The obligatory last talk the bishopric squeezes out of you before you move.

3. No longer having to explain what a "Mormon" is.

4. Realizing there is a Macy's and a Macey's.

5. People telling you about fry sauce.

6. Realizing Provo and Orem are basically the same place.

7. Seeing Temple Square for the first time.


8. Discovering you are loosely related to almost everyone.

9. Walking to church because it's only a block away.

10. Realizing that the Church is true no matter where you are.

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