10 GIFs About Book of Mormon Characters Guaranteed to Crack You Up


Need a good laugh right now? Or maybe something to make Book of Mormon stories more #relatable?

Look no further!

One Twitter user asked followers to “GIF someone from the Book of Mormon.” The responses were so good that we had to share. Without further ado, get ready to laugh out loud!

Gif someone from the Book of Mormon: Here’s Chemish. — The Relevant Questions (@RelevantQuest) April 1, 2020
Laman — The Relevant Questions (@RelevantQuest) April 1, 2020
Nephi coming out of Jerusalem with Zoram. — Brandon T. Minster, KBE, VC (@btminster) April 3, 2020
Lehi's fam, three days driven back — James Valentine (@ValentineJames) April 2, 2020
Laman trying to get the Liahona to work after he ties up Nephi — Ben Peterson (@m_ben_peterson) April 2, 2020
Gadianton Robbers swear each other to secrecy. — Hank Smith (@hankrsmith) April 3, 2020
King Noah when asked how he'd be remembered. — John West (@jawnc3) April 3, 2020
Coriantumr — Manimal Will Return After These Messages (@BigRedOne5) April 2, 2020
Samuel the Lamanite! This thread is gold. — Brandon Smith (@brandon_smith24) April 3, 2020
Moroni when he’s done abridging & thought he’d be dead by now. So he decides he’ll just write some more stuff. — The Relevant Questions (@RelevantQuest) April 1, 2020

Lead image from Shutterstock
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