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10 inspirational pieces of Christ-centered art


Because the home is the center of gospel learning, it's important that we make it a place focused on Christ. When we get distracted by our daily chores and checklists, these beautiful pieces of art can serve as a reminder to keep Christ at the center of our home and our lives.

Rescue of the Lost Lamb

By Minerva Teichert
25x25 Framed Art

In His Keeping

By Yongsung Kim
14x12 Framed Size

Peace in Christ

By Kate Lee
27x23 Framed Art Size

Worlds Without End

By Greg Olsen
22x26 Framed Size

The Creation

By Annie Henrie Nader
19x19 Framed Art

Heavenly Blossoms

By Yongsung Kim
22x26 Framed Art

O Jerusalem

By Greg Olsen
26x28 Framed Art

His Prayer

By Brenda Bird
22x15 Framed Art

Greener Pastures

By Greg Olsen
22x26 Framed Textured Print

He Lives

by Mackenzie Bontempo
17x25 Framed Rumple Paper

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