10 Ways to Be Completely Miserable in Your Ward


MR says: Want to know how to be miserable and to make your experience at Church the absolute worst? Then read all of these great self-hinder tips!

Have you always wanted to be miserable? Based on the concept behind John Bytheway’s “How to be Totally Miserable: A Self-Hinder Book,” here’s a list of ways you can reach miserable status in your LDS ward. 

If you want to be happy, by all means, do the opposite. But if you follow the steps in this humorous list closely, you’ll be miserable in no time.

Do as little as possible

If steps two and three don’t work out and you still manage to receive a calling, accept it grudgingly and put in little effort. Magnifying your calling will give you a feeling of satisfaction and purpose. Avoid this!


With everyone. About everything. Even if you think you might agree with the basic idea of what someone at church is saying, find at least one way in which they are wrong. Repeat this exercise for anyone who makes a comment.

Learn more about how to be totally miserable from the master teacher, John Bytheway. From Isaiah for Airheads to5 Things You Can Do Today to Bless Your Marriage to When Times Are Tough, John Bytheway has funny and perceptive insights into many of life's most complex topics. Check out his products today at

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