11 Hollywood Movies with Unexpected Mormon Connections

8. Willow (1988)

11 Hollywood Movies with Unexpected Mormon Connections

If you ever feel intimidated because of physical or mental limitations, just look to the inspiring life of Billy Barty, the 3-foot-9-inch actor you probably saw in Willow (or dozens of other movies in which he appeared). Barty, who died in 2000, grew up believing in himself and others, perhaps due to his parents’ belief in him. He is famously quoted as saying: “My parents never told me I was small, so I never knew any better. They had to sign for me to play football and basketball, but they never said, ‘No, you can’t. You’re too small.’”

Barty began acting at the young age of three and made his mark in the film business, appearing in films and television shows from 1927 to 2001, the year after his death. Barty appeared in over 200 films in the 70 years of his career including vaudeville, television, commercials, stage roles and nightclub appearances. He is perhaps the most recognizable of all little people.

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