12 Hilarious and Horrifying Singles Ward Stories All Latter-Day Saints Can Relate To


From dating to ward activities, there are a variety of awkward opportunities that arise when you put a group of young single adults together! As LDS Living Facebook follower Kirie Close says about the most awkward experience in the YSA ward, "Ummm . . . my entire time as a ward member in it. But it was fun!" Here are a few more of our favorite Facebook comments from LDS Living readers who responded to our question: "What was your most awkward experience in the YSA ward?" 

When Sacrament Meeting Is Too Quiet

From Gavin Gardner:

Walking up to bear my testimony. It was so quiet that everyone could hear the Tic-Tacs in my pocket. 😂

Uncomfortable Family History

From Sascha Hatfield:

When I was paired with a guy that I kind of liked and he ended up being a cousin I didn't know about. 😆

A Lesson in Flirting

From Lindsay and Addison Hall:
Flirting lessons. One fifth Sunday when Relief Society and priesthood were combined, the bishopric lined us up and taught us how to flirt. 😂

We imagine this story went down something like this hilarious Studio C sketch.

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A Toilet Paper Classic

From Debby Freer:

At a dance when I came back from the bathroom with a trail of toilet paper tucked in with my dress. Underwear showing! Very embarrassing.

Sacrament Meeting Slumbers

From Kayla Whitaker:

One time I had both my feet resting on the leg of the pew in front of me. I went to adjust my sitting position, and the whole pew moved and it jolted the person in front of me. Turns out he was sleeping, so he jumped when it happened. I tried so hard not to laugh.

A Happy End to a Dull Date

From Aubrey White: 

I introduced myself to a dude who was visiting our ward for the first time, just to be nice. We barely talked that day, but he friended me on Facebook after just that one meeting with him (although he did sit at the same table as me for a meal at the church after services). I thought it was a little weird, but I shrugged it off.

I thought he was a stick in the mud, and he thought I was standoffish.

We've been married for a year now 😂 😂 😂

A Painkiller Testimony

From Meleah Rowley Ridd:

Got a concussion the night before and was feeling great on the prescribed dose of pain pills, so I went to church. Well, it had to be fast Sunday. On these pain pills, the “Spirit” felt so strong! I needed to bear my testimony. In tears, I told my singles ward that I had converted the hit country star Brad Paisley.

The Dating Avoidance That Came Back to Bite

From Kassi Moyers: 
I once met a group of guys at a bowling alley and lied to them about my name and number. The following Sunday, I stood for a new calling and was then approached by the same guys afterward who said, “I guess your name isn’t Sarah then, huh?” They didn’t think it was as funny as I did. 😂

Same 10 Testimonies

From Melissa Heaps:

When there were basically 10 people in attendance, so every single person had to bear their testimony on fast Sunday or everyone would just sit there and stare at you.

A Dancing Mishap

From Bobbye Ariola Hill: 

I was a recent convert at a YSA dance. Swing dancing was really “in.” I told the guy I didn’t know how to dance like that, so he told me to follow his lead. Then he proceeded to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder in a dance move, but because I didn’t know what I was doing and really neither did he, he didn’t raise me high enough and I ended up scraping across his shoulder. It tore all the buttons off my shirt and he dropped me in shock. I laughed so hard all the way home to change.

The Awkward Set-Up

From Charity Wester: 

When the Relief Society president tried to set me up on a date with my younger brother. He had just started the YSA ward. I had just gotten home from my mission.

We feel for you, Charity. Most of us have experienced the beautiful awkwardness that is a set-up.

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Happy Reflections

From Jamie Larsen: 

I was in my mid 20s and got asked to dance by an 18-year-old just out of high school. When he asked my age and I told him, I saw the shock and surprise on his face (in his defense I have always looked really young, so he probably thought I was his age) and he said, "You're so . . . so young!" And then he told me he was 18, and he only looked 30 because of his bad back. Lol. But honestly, singles wards are awesome! I had so many opportunities to lead and serve that I never would have gotten in a family ward. I definitely wasn't one of those girls who met her future husband there or at institute (met him at work actually), and I ended up being on the older side when I got married, but I wouldn't trade my many years in the singles ward for anything.


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