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12 powerful quotes by Apostles and their wives from 6 young adult devotionals on the same day


On Sunday, November 1, six members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and their wives participated in broadcast devotionals in the United States and Canada.

Read a quote from each of them below or read full summaries of the Apostles’ remarks and their wives’ remarks from Church News.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf to the North America Northwest Area 

“There is a difference between thoughts that come from your personal experience and that of the divine voice of God speaking through His Holy Spirit. It is the quest of a lifetime to know the difference. The human challenge is receiving revelation, yes, but just as importantly it is to discern and understand revelation.”

Sister Harriet Uchtdorf to the North America Northwest Area

“Please don’t forget, you have a light to share. You have the potential to be angels of glory to those around you.”

Elder David A. Bednar to the North America Southeast Area

“Keep pressing forward in faithfulness. If you are doing what is right and according to God’s will, you are being guided.”

Sister Susan Bednar to the North America Southeast Area

“Don’t pray for what you want. Instead, pray for what God wants for you.”

Elder Quentin L. Cook to the North America West Area

“We cannot expect to have faith at the center of our lives if all of our efforts are expended on skills, knowledge, making money, sports, hobbies, or other pursuits.”

Sister Mary G. Cook to the North America West Area

“As you go forward in life stay close to family and friends where you are loved and accepted beyond expression. You also are loved and accepted by your Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Stay close to them through the scriptures, through prayer, and through Church service.”

Elder Gary E. Stevenson to the Utah Area

Referring to cell phones, Elder Stevenson said, “We have to be careful that we don’t let this thing that we always have with us become a distraction in the moments that can be our quietest moments.”

Sister Lesa Stevenson to the Utah Area

After speaking of how the pandemic has imposed limitations, Sister Stevenson said, “But we have been blessed with so much. We just have to look and see the different things that we’ve been blessed with. We’ve been blessed with more time, so that we can hear Him. We’ve been blessed to be around family, or to reach out to family in different ways.”

Elder Dale G. Renlund to the North America Central Area

“When faced with temptations or challenges that easily beset us, we are wise to be on guard every day. We need to do the small and simple things—praying, reading the scriptures, keeping the sabbath day holy, repenting daily—that protect us. Letting our guard down, even briefly, can quickly remind us that we are spiritually vulnerable.”

Sister Ruth Renlund to the North America Central Area

“Truth that we discover is ours forever. That is why we are encouraged to study and act in faith, because as we act in faith our faith will grow. Then it becomes more than faith, it becomes knowledge.”

Elder Gerrit W. Gong to the North America Southwest Area

“Part of the miracle and blessing of the covenant path is that in our mortal journey, He invites us at every junction to connect our name with His name by covenant so we can receive His guidance, inspiration, protection, and forgiveness.”

Sister Susan Gong to the North America Southwest Area

“It’s not enough just to do good; we need to be good, to keep the commandments our Heavenly Father has given us. By keeping His commandments, we show we love Him. We become more like Him. Becoming like Him is also a reason we’re on earth.”

Read full summaries of the Apostles’ remarks and the wives’ remarks from Church News.

Lead image: Screenshots from taken by Church News.
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