12 Signs You've Been in the Singles Ward Too Long


These are hilarious and so true!!

While young single adult wards can be a great place to make new friends and meet new people, there are a few tell-tale signs that you've become a veteran young single adult. See how many of these you relate to and share the ones we missed in the comments below!

1. You realize you could have bought a small house, or at least a car, with all the money you’ve spent on wedding gifts and baby showers in the last 6 months.

As much as I wish I could supply all of you with crockpots and diapers, a nice card is probably all my budget can handle this month. 

2. Your ward members have started referring to you as the “ward encyclopedia.”

Where's FHE? Who is the guy bearing his testimony? Where do we put away the hymn books?

3. You feel responsible for making sure the YSA newbies feel welcome.

From who can give rides to the grocery store to which Sunday is linger longer to who's already dating who, new ward members have a lot to be filled in on.

4. At least once a week someone jokes with you about how the only way you'll leave the ward is if you “graduate.”

Ha. Ha. Ha. Like I haven't heard that before. Good one!

5. You’ve dated, or are friends with someone who has dated, every person of the opposite gender in the ward.

Ward dating drama—it really is a thing.

6. You're pretty sure you’ve had every calling in the ward at least once.

From chorister to sports co-chair to Sunday School teacher, you've dabbled in them all.

7. Even the Stake President knows you by name.

Wait. . . is that a good thing?

8. The kid you used to babysit shows up to the new member meeting.

Weren't they supposed to stop growing once you moved away?

9. Everyone knows you, even if you've never met them before.

Somehow, whenever someone new moves in, they already seem to know your name while you have to awkwardly ask for theirs. Tell me I'm not the only one this happens to?

10. You can no longer fly under the radar for anything. Literally anything.

Speaking assignments, substitute teaching in Sunday School, giving the opening prayer—you're the first one they see.

11. The Bishopric’s wives start planning your wedding whenever they see you talking to someone of the opposite gender.

And yet, we can't be angry because it's a sign that they love us.

12. You’re the only one in the ward, including the Bishop, who can name the last six Relief Society Presidents.  

And Elder’s Quorum Presidents. And sacrament meeting choristers. And Sunday School presidents. You get the idea.

Bonus: You're still young and vibrant, yet find yourself repeatedly saying:


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