12 Talks All Latter-day Saint Teens Need to Hear


John Bytheway


“For most of us a testimony comes like a sunrise: slowly, subtly, but surely.”

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It's spiritual gut-check time! The mission age has been lowered, and now more than ever, young people are asking themselves important questions:

  • How do I know if I really have a testimony?
  • Am I ready to serve a mission?
  • What does the Spirit feel like?

John Bytheway suggests that we "F.E.E.L." the truthfulness of the gospel through our feelings, our experiences, the many evidences we encounter, and our logical conclusions about how a loving God interacts with His children on the earth. Like gradually turning up a dimmer switch, understanding all the ways we F.E.E.L. our testimony will help it grow brighter.
As you read, you may discover that your testimony is stronger than you thought, and you'll also become more excited and motivated to let your light shine!

John Bytheway

"With the help of the Savior, all of us can turn our rough starts into great finishes."

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The scriptures repeatedly show that you have to go through the wilderness to get to the promised land. It was true for Lehi and his family, and it's true in our personal lives. Many people who had a rough beginning end up having a great finish. (For example, do you know which current member of the Quorum of the Twelve struggled so badly in arithmetic that on one occasion classmates threw rocks at him and called him "stupid?" You'll have to listen to find out!)

Using true examples from the lives of well-known individuals, this motivating presentation shows that your current problems will not prevent your future success. In fact, your current problems may prepare you for your future success!

John Bytheway


"Obey and watch. The light will come and you’ll understand."

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In a world where speed limits, parking restrictions, and seat belts are often seen as inconveniences that limit our freedom, it's easy to get lost in the mindset that commandments only exist because God "said so." In this engaging presentation, John Bytheway reminds us why our Heavenly Father gives commandments—because He loves us—and the best rest reason for obeying those commandments.

With his signature style of scriptural stories, quotations from Church leaders, and a good dose of humor, Brother Bytheway explores three reasons why we obey—because we ought to (it's the law), because we want to (because of consequences), and because we'd love to (because someone cares). He encourages listeners to remember the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them and to choose to obey for the best reason—because we love Them too.

Brad Wilcox

"Christ doesn't make up the difference, He makes all the difference."

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Brad Wilcox's The Continuous Atonement is a landmark work that helps to clarify what the Atonement is—and what it isn't. It corrects misperceptions and offers hope to those who struggle again and again.

This teen adaptation will help teenagers better understand and apply the Atonement in their lives and help them teach the nuances of the Atonement to others, whether on a mission, at home, or with friends. As they better understand and apply the Atonement, its transforming power will have a lasting effect on their lives.

Each chapter opens with a teen-appropriate question and includes subheadings to clarify content, new stories relevant to teens, and a Prepare to Teach section to help readers internalize and share what they're learning. This shorter edition is also printed in paperback—perfect for teens to carry with them through their busy days.

Brad Wilcox

"You have much more testimony than you're giving yourself credit for."

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Brad Wilcox maintains that young people who struggle with the gospel and claim that they don't have a testimony or have "lost" it really do have a testimony, even though their "testimony tank" may not be completely full. He explains in this fireside to Latter-day Saint youth that members of the Church have testimonies at different levels—perhaps 1/4 full (a testimony of experience) or 1/2 full (a testimony through study), and so on. But adding to these 'testimony tanks' often is part of living the gospel— constantly finding ways to strengthen our testimonies, or "fill" them. In his typically enthusiastic way, Brad discusses what it means to have a testimony tank gauge indicating these various levels and how to keep your tank at full.

Hank Smith


"The Atonement of Jesus Christ was a personal, intimate experience. He knows you. More than that, He knows how to help you if you come to Him in faith."

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The Book of Mormon tells us that when Christ appeared in the Americas after His Resurrection, He interacted with the people one by one. Using scriptures, personal experiences, and illuminating stories collected from others, Hank Smith teaches that not only does the Savior minister to us one by one, but He also knows us individually. Hank says that often the evidence of His love is found in tender mercies—"very personal and individualized blessings from the Lord," as Elder David A. Bednar calls them—that we experience as we go through life. Comparing tender mercies to cairns along a trail, Hank says that they might not necessarily make the trail easier, but they give us a little bit of reassurance that we're on the right track. He teaches that as we learn to watch for the signs, we will see unmistakable evidence that our "one-by-one Savior" knows us and wants to bless us on our journey.

Laurel Christensen

"He knows who you are and what you’re capable of. He knows your name. He knows who you are meant to be. He knows all of the incredible things that are waiting for you."

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Laurel was sitting in her 2nd period psychology class in high school when the loudspeaker announcement was made that she would be giving the high school graduation speech. The guy sitting behind her (who had been sitting behind her all year long) said, “Who the heck is Laurel Christensen?” The question haunted her for a long time. It's easy for girls to confuse or simply not know their identity in this world today. Drawing on life experiences, Laurel shares a message for all young women that God knows who they are—and He knows who He needs them to be.

Justin Su'a

"Before we can even begin to make a difference in the lives of other people, we have to know who we are."

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As a performance psychology consultant who teaches professional athletes, elite dancers, Olympians, and business professionals how to enhance performance through mental skills training, Justin Su’a knows how to help people overcome challenges and do their very best. In this enlightening talk, Brother Su’a teaches four proven principles to help members of the Church get past the “spiritual slumps” in their lives. “In your pursuit of righteousness it is likely you will encounter trials, pain, and feelings of inadequacy,” says Brother Su’a. “One of the key components to a mentally tough individual is the ability to bounce back from setbacks.” Using colorful stories, examples from the scriptures, and his trademark enthusiasm, Brother Su’a shares what can be a life-changing message for his listeners.

Christopher B. Munday

"Some many of us nibble the scriptures. So many of us lick the scriptures. But it’s when we feast upon the scriptures that we feel strength to our lives."

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Question: How can I be truly happy? In his charming British accent, Christopher B. Munday gives clear answers through his humorous, inspiring, and even life-changing stories about growing up in Gravesend, England. From dealing with a disobedient dog to saving a son from a giant wave to loving a wayward family member, Christopher B. Munday teaches powerful gospel lessons that will help young men and young women build faith and find true courage.

He also teaches the importance of making the right choice at the right time, learning to hear and recognize the voice of God in your life every day, and focusing on blessings that come from "fully trusting the Savior." Learn three simple keys that will bring spiritual protection and happiness to the youth of the Church.

Clint Pulver


"The greatest investment you can make in your life is the investment in Jesus Christ and in this goepel."

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In a world that seems to move too fast with the constant demands of life, social-media consumption, and worldly temptations at every step, it can become so easy to forget the spiritual promptings, revelations, and faith-promoting moments we have had in our lives—moments when the Spirit has whispered peace to our heart, a prayer was answered, or a miracle was witnessed. In this hilarious and inspiring talk, Clint Pulver teaches about the simple but powerful strength youth and adults alike can receive in moments of fear and uncertainty by simply taking the time to be still and, as the scriptures remind us, to remember, remember, remember what we know and how we know it.

Ganel-Lyn Condie


"When you are exactly obedient, the power of God is unleashed in your life."

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In her talk You Are Lionproof, Ganel-Lyn invites you to consider that you really are protected in every way. Just like Daniel, who was caught in the den of hungry lions, you too can pray mightily to shut the mouths of and make peace with the threats in your life, including your addictions and temptations. Ganel-Lyn shares a message of strength and hope for everyone from teens to grandparents. She helps you realize that you really have been prepared to face the watery storms, fiery darts, mistakes, and loneliness of life. With her unique ability to share scripture stories and tackle the uncomfortable topics of mortality, Ganel-Lyn will leave you laughing, crying, and optimistic about living a Christ-centered life. She provides the proof that God is there and will not leave you to fail.

Anthony Sweat

"There is no flaw in our nature that we cannot change through the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

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You've heard people say it; maybe you've even said it yourself: "The devil made me do it." But such an idea is inconsistent with gospel principles and is just one more way Satan tries to trick us into blaming others and not taking ownership of our actions. (Other common traps include "That makes me mad!" and "That's just the way I am!") In this engaging fireside presentation, author and popular speaker Anthony Sweat extends six invitations that will help us learn how to better use our gift of agency. We can choose how we act and who we become. And when we stop making excuses and start taking responsibility, we can receive the happiness Heavenly Father wants us to have in this life.


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