13 Hilarious Signs You're at a Mormon Family Reunion

by | Jul. 05, 2017

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Mormons are known to wear the stereotype that they have big families proudly—whether it's a family of stickers spanning the rear window of a blue Chrysler minivan or walking out of Costco hauling three shopping carts full of groceries, Mormons have the big family thing down. 

So, naturally, when it comes to family reunions, no one does it quite like us. In fact, here are 12 signs you are definitely at a Mormon family reunion.

1. Everyone has sweet minivan-driving skills.

2. Everyone is a pro at peeling potatoes.

3. Everyone has color-coordinated t-shirts.

4. There are four times as many children under the age of seven as there are adults. 

5. And babies are held so much they never touch the ground. 

6. There are so. Many. Salads.

7. There are so many people you've never seen before, you begin to wonder if all of you are really related. 

8. But then someone pulls out a genealogy sheet and it all makes sense. 

9. You realize you have some insanely talented (famous?) second-cousins at the talent show. 

10. NO ONE gets to sleep in. 

11. The stack of pancakes for breakfast is as tall as you are.

12. The goodbyes take at least 5 hours.

13. You come home exhausted, but you can't wait for next year's reunion. 

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