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13 books to uplift and inspire any teenager


Parenting a teenager can be a minefield. If you’re anxious to get your child off their screen and interested in something more positive and inspiring, an uplifting book is a great alternative! From gospel topics to inspiring stories to fantasy reads, here are a few of our recommendations for every type of reader.


Seekers Wanted

The purpose of this timely book is to aid you by providing essential skills to seek learning by study and faith. These chapters don't tell you what to think, but help you figure out how to think. The book aims to increase your capacity to be a disciple-scholar. Using relevant doctrinal and historical examples—coupled with engaging visuals and approaches—each chapter teaches models, steps, and frameworks to help you learn by study and faith.

Born to Change the World

As members of the Church, we are often told to obey commandments because we are children of God or because we have been saved for the last days. But isn't everyone on earth right now a child of God who has been saved? What sets Latter-day Saints apart?

How Do I Know If I Know?

John Bytheway suggests that we "F.E.E.L." the truthfulness of the gospel through our feelings, our experiences, the many evidences we encounter, and our logical conclusions about how a loving God interacts with His children on the earth. Like gradually turning up a dimmer switch, understanding all the ways we F.E.E.L. our testimony will help it grow brighter.


What the Other Three Don't Know

What the Other Three Don't Know is a poignant and gripping young adult novel about the unlikely friends who accept you for who you really are and the power of self-acceptance.

The Rent Collector (Young Readers Edition)

The Rent Collector is about the power of literacy, the influence of the past, and finding hope, resiliency, and empowerment in the face of seemingly endless hardship.

A Monster Like Me

Inspired by real events in the author's life, A Monster Like Me teaches the importance of believing in oneself, accepting change, and the power of friendship.


Inspired by a true story, Real speaks to all those who've ever felt they didn't belong and reminds readers that all people are worthy of being included.

Never That Far

Never That Far is set in the lush, rural landscape of central Florida and is a story that celebrates friendship, hope, and the power of family love.

Waiting for Fitz

Waiting for Fitz is a story about life and love, forgiveness and courage, and learning what is truly worth waiting for.

Paul, Big, and Small

Paul, Big, and Small is about the turbulent, emotional lives of young adults who are struggling with life's challenges openly and sometimes in secret.

Champion's Quest, Vol. 1: The Die of Destiny

Preorder Vol. 2 before its 10/04/22 release!


Squint is the inspiring story of two new friends dealing with their own challenges who learn to trust each other, believe in themselves, and begin to truly see what matters most.

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