9 popular family games with a Latter-day Saint twist

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Most family nights aren't complete without a game! Check out some of these fun, well-known games with a little Latter-day Saint culture thrown in.

Scripture Stories Memory Matching Game

Flip the cards to find matching pictures! The Scripture Stories Memory Matching Game helps children strengthen their memory skills while learning scripture stories. This game includes 72 cards, with 24 different images and texts, making it a great way to enjoy a family game night with small children.

Temples of the World Memory Matching Game

This matching game is fun for the whole family and features 72 cards, each showing two temples from around the world. Flip the cards over to reveal matching pairs. Or play with more than one player to see who can match all their cards first!

Ward Fish Card Game

Enjoy hours of family fun! Familiar card games you know and love with a Latter-day Saint twist!

Book of Mormon Who Said?

Who said what in the Book of Mormon? If you know, you win! If you don’t, you learn! And if you’re just a kid, you match the pictures! You can use the card according to game instructions, or you can make up games of your own.

Nephite Temples Game

Can you help the Nephites build their temples? Sounds easy, right? Not so fast! You have to deal with Demolition, Mix-ups, Earthquakes, and a host of other problems and hilarious fun to get the job done. But work quickly; complete your temple first and you win! Nephite Temples will give you hours of family fun!

Book of Mormon Connection Game

Get connected to the Book of Mormon with Book of Mormon Connection, a fun new game the whole family will love! One player (the guide) chooses two colorful emoji images that best represent 1 to 6 quotes from the Book of Mormon. The players read the 6 displayed quotes. Based on the 2 emoji hints alone, players try to guess the quote the guide is describing. Players score points if the quote they choose matches the one the guide selected. Each player takes a turn being the guide. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! Also includes One Mind, a bonus variation on the game.

Who Said . . . Follow the Prophet Card Game

Which prophet said what? Was it a Latter-day, Book of Mormon, or Bible prophet? If you know, you win! If you don't, you learn! And if you're a child, you match the pictures! You can play according to game instructions, or you can make up fun games of your own.

Book of Mormon Dominoes

Explore the world of the Book of Mormon through the eyes of Val Chadwick Bagley, the Cartoonist Guy! Simply match colors to try to get rid of your dominoes first, or play a fun match game with 28 different people and things from the Book of Mormon. The whole family will love this creative twist on dominoes! Ages 4 and up.

Eight is Great Card Game

This fun card game has an LDS twist. 8 is Great is similar to Crazy 8s.

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