"Space Jam," "Oceans 11" +13 More Hilarious Mormon Mentions in Movies

Two Weeks Notice

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This romcom featuring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant tells the story of a hardworking attorney and Harvard graduate who finds herself working for a multimillionaire playboy who rarely thinks of anything besides himself—until he meets Lucy (Sandra Bullock). When Lucy discovers her boss invited her and another woman to a benefit event, she talks to her best friends about the predicament. And while she does not mention Mormons by name, Lucy falls back on a cliche (and inaccurate) reference to polygamy.

Friend: "You should have gone with George."
Lucy: "Well, he asked June."
Friend: "Not exclusively. He asked you, too."
Lucy: "He asked me, too? How many women do you think a man should take to dinner? Maybe in Utah."
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