15 Awkward Moments That Are Uniquely Mormon


Everyone has awkward moments—Mormons are no different—but the peculiar situations we get ourselves into are. Whether your phone goes off during the sacrament or you start belting out the next verse of a hymn too early, there are definitely some awkward moments that are uniquely Mormon. Here are just a few:

1. When you forget it was stake conference and show up to an empty chapel.

2. When the only time you brought treats all year was on a fast Sunday.

3. When you start singing the next verse of the hymn a little too early.

4. When you forget you're speaking in sacrament meeting.

5. When you realize it's your child's snack rolling down the aisle.

6. When you fall asleep on the stand. 

7. When you accidentally start clapping after a sacrament meeting musical number. 

8. When you accidentally say "amen" at the end of a work presentation.

9. When someone steals "your" bench.

10. When you close the hymn book too early.

11. That first time you say the Young Men or Young Women's theme and you don't quite know all the words.

12. When you're running late to church but you don't want to be miss-the-sacrament late. 

13. When you realize the guy you just swiped up on Mutual is your second cousin.

14. When it's been a while since you've talked in sacrament and you pass your bishop in the hall.

15. When your phone goes off during the sacrament. 

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