16 "Downton Abbey" GIFs That Sum Up Latter-day Saint Dating


It's been nearly three and a half years since the final episode of Downton Abbey appeared on PBS, and much has happened with the Crawley family and their friends since then—and even bigger things are on their way. On September 20, the Downton Abbey feature film will be released in American theaters, and many fans are excited to reconnect with their favorite characters from the show. But what does this historical drama set in the English countryside have to do with Latter-day Saints? Here are some humorous Downton Abbey GIFs that can help members navigate the laughs and peculiarities of Latter-day Saint dating.

1. When you want to say no to a date, but you also don't want to hurt anyone's feelings:

2. When you decided to text your crush and ask them out on a date . . . but it's been days and you haven't received an answer:

3. When your friend keeps complaining about all the dates they go on while you haven't been asked out in months:

4. When your friend wants to be "more than friends" but thinking about kissing them just feels wrong:

5. The question no one wants to hear after a break-up:

6. When your date won't let you pick any of the music while driving to dinner:

7. When someone keeps asking you out for the upcoming weekend and you're running out of ways to say you're busy:

8. When you're getting the date recap and your friend tells you the night ended with a kiss:

9. When your crush tells you you're not her type, but that answer isn't good enough for you:

10. When you ask him to not date anyone while you're on your mission:

11. But then you see his online relationship status change your first P-day in the field:

12. When you ask your best friend who their current crush is and they say your crush's name:

13. When he calls you minutes before your date just to cancel:

14. When you're trying to set your friend up on a date but he's a tough sell:

15. When a bad date finally ends:

16. After all the ups and downs, when things actually work out and you start to believe in love again:

Lead image courtesy of IMDb.

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