17 meaningful Father’s Day gifts your dad will love

Happy father's day!
Happy father's day! Children daughters congratulating dad and giving him postcard. Daddy and girls smiling and hugging. Family holiday and togetherness.
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Choosing the perfect gift for Dad can be tough. Whether you are looking for something useful, practical, or sentimental, we’ve tailored a list of all of our favorites that are sure to put a smile on his face.

Men of God

From bestselling author and scholar Robert L. Millet, this book is for the beloved sons of our Heavenly Father—husbands, fathers, sons, ministers, and friends—who have chosen to commit their hearts and lives to living the gospel and following our Savior, Jesus Christ.


These hand-sewn silk ties have a keeper loop and are 60" long.


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Mission Belt's nylon collection is constructed with a durable nylon webbing strap and a matte finish buckle. This fusion of functionality and style utilizes Mission Belt's track system, a core feature of your favorite no-holes belt.

Cuff Links

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Jesus Is the Christ

In this powerful and concise volume, Elder Neil L. Andersen provides an overview of the Lord’s life and ministry and bears fervent testimony of His Atonement and Resurrection.

Our Day Star Rising

In his decades as a teacher and an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has often shared remarkable insights gleaned from his study of the New Testament. Our Day Star Rising compiles these insights: those about the history and context of the New Testament as well as teachings from the New Testament, wherein he uses its verses to cast new light on various doctrinal themes.

The Parables of Jesus

In The Parable of Jesus, Elder Gerald N. Lund shares not only the ancient context and setting in which each parable was taught, but also illuminates the language and layers found within the parables, helping us see the application for our own lives today.

In the Hands of the Lord

This engaging biography by noted historian Richard E. Turley, Jr. takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the life of an extraordinary leader. It is filled with stories and photographs detailing his boyhood, his family life, his education and military experiences, and his distinguished academic and law career.

Fathers of the Prophets

In a world where the role of fatherhood is increasingly maligned, marginalized, and even dismissed, this book highlights the irreplaceable role of fathers in the lives of the chosen servants of the Lord, and in the lives of children the world over.

Daily Joy

This dynamic collection of thoughts for each day of the year from President Russell M. Nelson is certain to motivate and inspire us in our pursuit of spiritual strength.

Because of You, Dad

Dads are there for us in big moments and small, filling us with the confidence that we can handle anything that comes our way—with their help, of course. With fun illustrations depicting many of the simple ways dads teach and guide us, this short book will help you express to your dad just how much he means.

Panther to Priesthood

In this raw, gritty memoir, Willis shares how a lifetime of hardship was, in its own way, preparing him to receive the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through his unique voice and willingness to share with sometimes painful vulnerability, you will witness the power of the light of Christ to shine into even the darkest of corner.

The Law of Love

How can we live the law of love? Steve Young shares insights from his own multifaceted life as well as from others who are scientists, fellow Latter-day Saints, Anglican, atheist, Baptist, Catholic, Confucian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and secular people of wisdom, as well as from the scriptures. This practical book may shift your mindset to a more expansive worldview that just might change everything.

The Family Statue (12” Cold Cast Bronze)

Speaking on his understanding of family in general and God's family in particular the artist said of this work:

“God wanted me to understand something about His love for me, so He gave me children and He gave me my family. When God asks me to love others like He loves me, He means for me to treat everyone as if they were exactly my kin. The more I hold sacred this fundamental unit of society and then reach outwards to accommodate others, the more God is pleased with me, and He will indeed be as a father to me, as also we indeed all have a common Father in God.” —Nnamdi Okonkwo

Come Ye Abide With Me

Abide with Me is a collection of Nathan Pacheco's favorite hymns. Each song is carefully chosen for the sense of the sacred that it brings to the album. As the title suggests, consider this collection your chance to find an oasis of peace apart from the clamor of the world.

Matthew Backpack Temple Bag

This stylish, multipurpose backpack is perfect for anyone, whether you’re going to the temple or need something to carry your books.

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