17 inspiring and funny Twitter reactions from general conference weekend


General conference weekend has flown by, with messages from Church leaders that include topics such as the gathering of Israel, unity, spiritual preparation, trials, COVID-19, prayer, and more. Twitter reactions varied as listeners described what they were grateful for this conference and how they were inspired by the talks that were shared. From sweet to funny to insightful, these reactions can help you remember much of what transpired during the October 2020 sessions of general conference as you reflect on your own personal experiences from the weekend.

I keep thinking about this... I just love the counsel that @NelsonRussellM gave us. #GeneralConference #GeneralConference2020 #LetGodPrevail pic.twitter.com/VS3s7q5D6o — Renee (@kelandren3) October 5, 2020
What you get when you assign decoration responsibilities... #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/v1kvXmwA3P — PWRBIRD (@pwrbird) October 3, 2020
The Bednars testing their food storage:#GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/RFajKSQOjU — Hank Smith (@hankrsmith) October 3, 2020
I find it interesting that even my dog listens attentively to #GeneralConference. pic.twitter.com/12PgsL8Eog — ThankfulMe (@thankful_me) October 3, 2020
Our at-Home church chorister stepping in to help MoTab. #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/MEr2613JCR — Adam Buchanan (@adam_buchanan) October 4, 2020
LOL #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/ptrpOtMyIB — Jordan Harris (@Iamjordanharris) October 5, 2020
“I expand my call for prayer to all people from every country around the world. No matter how you pray or to whom you pray, please exercise your faith—whatever your faith may be—and pray for your country and for your national leaders.” —@BallardMRussell #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/Fxedl9S6Ak — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (@Ch_JesusChrist) October 4, 2020
“As you study your scriptures during the next six months, I encourage you to make a list of all that the Lord has promised He will do for covenant Israel. I think you will be astounded!” #PresNelson | #GeneralConference — GeneralConference (@ldsconf) October 4, 2020
Thank you @OaksDallinH for your amazing talk and the much needed words given the current climate of our country. Love begets love ❤️ #GeneralConference — Monica P (@moni_cp) October 3, 2020
M Russell Ballard #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/tWZOFDLnEv — Daniel Meservy (@SketchTheGood) October 4, 2020
Come and see. Come and help. Come and belong. - Elder Uchtdorf #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/1yY338OMVE — Zach (@ZachD96) October 3, 2020
Have I Done Any Good In the World Today? #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/d8K4pY4clJ — Ronna Park (@ronnapark) October 3, 2020
Here’s info on elder rasband: #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/dGGR36jDb6 — Nick Newman (@nicknewman801) October 3, 2020
Missionaries getting ready to start the work in Antarctica like:#ElderGong#GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/gMuXviiycN — Madeline Marie (in Quarantine) (@oymadelinemarie) October 3, 2020
#GeneralConference out of context pic.twitter.com/fwC2WRLtFo — Ben Jacobs (@iamBenJacobs) October 4, 2020
Elder Stevenson's throwback tie from the photo he showed during his talk. #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/uIysgAUlj1 — General Authority Ties 🎃 (@GeneralAuthTies) October 4, 2020
Today’s notes: #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/CewAetNtJS — Don Olsen (@donaldolsen) October 4, 2020

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