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Watch: Animated message from Elder Soares on how temptations can fade away

In a new Church video, highlights from Elder Soares’s 2020 October general conference talk, “Seek Christ in Every Thought,” are pared with beautiful animation to further illustrate his important message of hope and healing.

Elder Soares shares a metaphor about a magnet. He says that yielding to temptation is like approaching a magnet with a metal object. The magnetic force attracts the object and holds it tightly, but when the object moves away from the magnet, the magnet loses its strength and power. Elder Soares expounds, “As we resist temptation, it fades away and loses its power over our mind and heart and, consequently, over our actions.”

“I know that by following Jesus’s example, we will avoid many tragedies and undesirable behaviors that might cause family problems and disagreements, enslavement by evil addictions, and anything else that would be against the Lord’s commandments,” Elder Soares continues. “I promise that the Lord will send an added measure of His Holy Spirit to strengthen and comfort us.”

You can watch the full video in the player below.

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