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17 Study Guides to Help Your Family Dive into the Book of Mormon


Sometimes we need a hand when studying the scriptures. The language can be difficult to translate into modern vernacular, the names can be so similar it's confusing, and Hebrew cultural practices are unknown to most of us. Here is a list of awesome Book of Mormon study guides broken down into kids and family, beginning, intermediate, and advanced to help you in your personal and family scripture study.

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For Kids and Families

by Tyler McKellar and Dan Burr
Hardcover: $24.99; eBook: $13.99

The Book of Mormon Family Reader will help your family discover and discuss the eternal doctrine found in the Book of Mormon, drawing you closer together as a family and closer to Christ. This new format suited for every age and stage of life makes meaningful scripture study an attainable goal for every family. This book provides your family with a simple yet meaningful approach to learning the sacred teachings of the Book of Mormon. You will love how manageable, enjoyable, and enlightening family scripture study can be!

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by Deanna Draper Buck

Board Book: $14.99; eBook: $5.99

Your children and grandchildren will delight in the colorful pictures and simplified writing. You'll love its durability.

These abbreviated stories present 20 of the best-known scriptural accounts from the Book of Mormon, as well as an additional story of Joseph Smith and Moroni. The author retells the familiar events in “read aloud” language that will entertain as it teaches. Stories include “Lehi Was a Prophet,” “King Benjamin,” and “The People of Ammon.” Enhanced by bright, colorful illustrations, My First Book of Mormon Stories will provide many special moments for parents and grandparents of young children. This durable board book is sure to become a family treasure.

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by David Butler and Ryan Jeppesen
Hardcover: $19.99; eBook: $9.99

Packed with fun facts, insightful lessons, and unique activities, this exciting book will help each member of your family better understand just who's who in the Book of Mormon. Delightful illustrations bring each man and woman to life in vivid color.

The book contains 52 separate entries, each with its own lesson and activity, so it makes the perfect resource for planning your weekly family night or for quiet Sunday reading and learning. Become acquainted with the ites, and find out just how much their experiences can help us in our lives today!

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by Kelli Coughanour
Spiral Bound: $39.95; eBook: $9.99

Would you love for your children and grandchildren to get more out of reading the scriptures? The Book of Mormon for Young Readers presents key scripture stories in an abridged, creative, and engaging format designed to make it easy for children to understand and love the scriptures! Young readers (ages 7-12) can enjoy the scriptures on their own and establish a habit of personal scripture study, which will strengthen their faith and their resolve to live the gospel. Special features help families to see how the scriptures apply to their lives today.

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by Thomas R. Valletta

Hardcover: $55.24; eBook: $29.99

This beautifully bound book contains the full text of the Book of Mormon in large type and an easy-to-read design. In the footnotes of this indispensable volume, hard-to-understand words are defined in simple terms, important concepts are explained and developed, and questions to ponder and discuss are asked of young readers. Beautiful, full-color illustrations and paintings—some of which have never been in print before.

The Book of Mormon for Latter-day Saint Families is a keepsake that all families will cherish. And by reading this book of scripture together, every family will be blessed and drawn closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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by Richard O. Christensen
Paperback: $24.95; eBook: $19.99

Family scripture study provides great opportunities for teaching and building testimonies—but it can be a real challenge. “We don't have time.” “Our kids are bored.” “It's the same old thing every day.” If you have met these common obstacles, Scripture Study for Latter-day Saint Families can help you overcome them all. Parents will thrill as they discover the many helpful and exciting tools in these chapters: activities, object lessons, stories, discussion questions, quotations, and insights that will help them lead their families through the Book of Mormon. Simply review the material for the chapter or verses you are studying and select those teaching ideas you think would be most helpful to your family.

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For Beginner Gospel Study

by Kathryn Jenkins Gordon
eBook: $18.99

With her masterful research and reflections on this holy book of scripture, the author leads readers through the sacred words of the Book of Mormon in spectacular detail. By delving into individual verses, you will develop a rich familiarity with the history, terminology, and characterizations found within familiar doctrinal accounts.

Scripture Study Made Simple is a powerful yet easy-to-understand work of gospel scholarship, sure to illuminate the words of ancient scripture as readers find new meaning in this keystone of our religion. For those seeking a broader understanding of the scriptures, this essential guide makes it easier than ever before to truly feast upon the word of Christ.

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by Marilyn Green Faulkner
Paperback: $18.99

Got a problem? The Book of Mormon has an answer! You’ve read the stories but never like this. These ancient prophets can help you with everything from binge-watching on Netflix to balancing family life and work. This modern guide is perfect for personal study, family discussions, or lessons. You’ll never look at the Book of Mormon the same way again!

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by Ed J. Pinegar and Richard J. Allen
eBook: $10.99

The Prophet Joseph Smith called the Book of Mormon "the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion." Because its ancient authors intended it to be read by future generations, it is scripture that is more relevant today than when it was written. For Latter-day Saints, it is also the most significant book we can know. Now, to aid in our understanding of this important work, scholars Ed J. Pinegar and Richard J. Allen have created Commentaries and Insights on the Book of Mormon—a volume that not only illuminates doctrinal truths and contextual meanings of the Book of Mormon, but also shows the application of these profound scriptures in our daily lives.

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For Intermediate Gospel Study

by Andrew C. Skinner and D. Kelly Ogden
eBook: $24.99

In this digital eBook bundle, the two volumes of verse-by-verse commentary have been brought together for more convenient study. This complete two-in-one eBook set offers a reader-friendly exploration of the book of scripture that is the keystone of our religion. It incorporates sound doctrinal commentary with quotations from General Authorities and explanations of difficult passages—all sprinkled generously with the authors' own experiences to illustrate great lessons and personal applications.

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by Dennis L. Largey
Hardcover: $50.99; eBook: $32.99

The Book of Mormon Reference Companion brings together, all under one cover, more than 900 entries addressing 1,500 Book of Mormon topics, including people, places, words, phrases, doctrines, purposes, themes, historical background, Isaiah chapter reviews, books of the Book of Mormon, and general topics of interest. Never before has a reference work of this scope been created to help both the experienced reader and the investigator or new convert understand this important book of scripture. It is like having a teacher beside you as you read and study. Maps, illustrations, photographs, pictures, outlines, and charts combine with the informative articles to enhance understanding and help parents, teachers, and leaders share the message of the Book of Mormon with their families and students. A must-have reference book for every Latter-day Saint library! Contains 850 print pages of material.

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by Thomas R. Valletta
Paperback: $29.99

The Book of Mormon Study Guide: Start to Finish is a comprehensive, question-and-answer commentary that draws from thousands of the very best insights on the scriptures, including those from General Authorities, Church magazines and manuals, the most respected scholarly commentaries, scripture reference books, and other publications. This comprehensive volume brings the most unique, most compelling, and most insightful comments on the Book of Mormon together into one place to help you get more out of your personal scripture study. As we ask inspired questions and seek a deeper understanding of the scriptures, we invite personal revelation to help us in our challenging and ever-changing journey of life.

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by Hugh Nibley
eBook: $15.99

Hugh Nibley is one of the best-known and most highly revered of Latter-day Saint scholars. For over forty years this near-legendary teacher has enthralled his readers and listeners with his encyclopedic knowledge, his wit, and his untiring research in defense of Latter-day Saint beliefs. Now you can join Dr. Nibley in the first of four Honors Book of Mormon classes that he taught at BYU during 1988-90. Part one contains 29 lectures focusing on 1 Nephi through Mosiah 5. It is vintage Nibley, with his insights, humor, and passionate convictions, discussing a book that he loves and knows so well.

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For Advanced Gospel Study

by Roger Allen Dibb
Paperback: $4.99; eBook $14.99

From the introductory "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents," to Moroni's final parting words "And now I bid unto all, farewell," and from the ubiquitous "And it came to pass" to the soaring poetry of Nephi's "Awake, my soul! No longer droop in sin," the Book of Mormon is replete with memorable phrases. In Book of Mormon Scriptural Phrases, Roger A. Dibb has compiled more than 4,200 scriptural phrases—from the mundane to the sublime—provided a brief definition of each and indicated where else identical or similar phrases can be found in the Book of Mormon. This book is a handy and extremely useful reference work for students of the Book of Mormon, particularly those who not only treasure the truthfulness of the record but delight in the way those truths are delivered.

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by Joseph Fielding McConkie and Robert L. Millet
Paperback: $21.99; eBook: $13.19

Written by respected gospel scholars, Joseph Fielding McConkie, Robert L. Millet, and Brent L. Top, this series focuses on the most significant aspect of the Book of Mormon—the doctrine. As coauthor Robert Millet explains, “though the story of the Book of Mormon, the narrative, is true and inspiring, the power of the Book of Mormon lies in its doctrine and in its precepts.” The series quotes each verse of Book of Mormon scripture and gives a detailed commentary citing additional scripture and prophetic insight. This is a must for any resource library.

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by Robert I. Eaton
Paperback: $12.99; eBook: $9.99

The Book of Mormon is full of powerful teachings, but sometimes it feels challenging to find the practical applications that give those teachings added significance. The prophet Nephi rejoiced both in preaching doctrine and also in likening the scriptures to himself. Author Robert I. Eaton blends shrewd scriptural analysis with compelling personal stories to demonstrate how we all can make sure the principles in the Book of Mormon function as much more than abstract concepts. Delving deeply into both familiar and unsung stories, this highly accessible volume is sure to help readers get doctrines not only in their heads but into their hearts and lives.

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by Melvin J. Thorne and John L. Sorenson
Paperback: $15.99; eBook: $12.99

You'll find new insights into things you may have wondered about in Rediscovering the Book of Mormon, a unique volume for all students of the scriptures. It offers 24 essays on such topics as war, repentance, politics, culture, and poetry.

You will find presentations on Book of Mormon imagery, warfare, Isaiah, the stealing of the Lamanite daughters, and Hebrew backgrounds. Other contributors include Eugene England, Stephen D. Ricks, Alan Goff, Robert L. Millet, and Catherine Thomas.

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