18 Hilarious Ways the World Would Be Different Without Mormons


From the traffic light to Napoleon Dynamite, Mormons have made a lot of contributions to the scientific and cultural worlds! Here's a humorous taste of what life might be like without them.

Rush hour traffic would be commonplace since we'd have no traffic lights

Learn about the Mormon who invented the traffic light in "14 Things You Didn't Know a Mormon Invented." 

Napoleon Dynamite wouldn't exist

Which would be a tragedy in the world of cheesy, endearing films.

Three-quarters of the world's folding chairs would probably disappear

From firesides to stake conference, the life of a Mormon is sometimes measured in chairs put up or taken down. 

Jell-O and funeral potatoes might never have reached peak popularity

Thank you ward potlucks, barbecues, funerals, mission farewells, and other "refreshments provided" Mormon gatherings! Click here for "9 Things You Should Never Do With Jell-O" or here for "3 Best Funeral Potatoes Recipes (LDS Living Cook-Off Winners)."

The bike industry might be suffering due to a lack of missionaries

Maybe unicycles or pogo sticks would have picked up instead. 

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat just wouldn't be the same

The world would definitely lack some color without iconic Mormon performer Donny Osmond and his sister, Marie. Check out "Blast from the Past: The Osmonds Cartoon Show (Video)"

Your hotel would never be called "Marriott" or have copies of the Book of Mormon in its nightstands

Read more about the LDS tycoon behind Marriott hotels in "10 Powerhouse Businesses Owned by Mormons."

We might still be using old-fashioned ear trumpets without the invention of the hearing aid by Mormon Harvey Fletcher

Check out "14 Things You Didn't Know a Mormon Invented" to learn more about the Mormon who invented the hearing aid.

The Book of Mormon musical would simply be The musical

And nobody would know if the book was actually better. Read about the Church's latest response to this performance in "'Huff Post' Praises the Church's Reaction to 'The Book of Mormon' Musical in Utah."

You and your daughters probably wouldn't have enjoyed the Twilight phenomena

For better or for worse.

An apricot tree wouldn't magically sprout popcorn

And no Primary-aged children would be holding their little adorable fists up to their eyes like binoculars!

We'd have no Battlestar Galactica without Mormon Glen A. Larson

Find out more fun Mormon trivia behind Battlestar Galactica in "8 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame."

Hot chocolate stands and shops might be petering out of business 

I know who those two hot chocolate packets in the hotel coffee basket were really for. #mormoncoffeesubstitute. For more on one Mormon's obsession with chocolate, check out "Changing the World with Chocolate: One Mormon Man's Story."

Minivans probably wouldn't have existed 

Plus we'd miss out on these hilarious license plates only Mormons understand.

We would have no Scott Sterling

Or Shoulder Angel, Captain Literally, Lobster Bisque, or the dozens of other hilarious Studio C characters.

Mickey Mouse would probably still be a mischievous trouble-maker. 

Learn more at "How a Mormon Helped Shape Mickey Mouse (+6 Other LDS Ties to Disney)."

"America's Choir" would definitely not exist

As the largest volunteer choir, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has made its mark in the world at presidential inaugurations, on world tours, and in the hearts of hundreds of thousands who've listened to theirconcerts and CDs

Layered clothing would never have made its mark in the fashion world

Goodbye camisoles, slip extenders, shrugs, maxi skirts, and other popular Mormon modesty trends. Check out "5 Ways to Help Youth See Modesty Differently" to take the discussion of modesty beyond hemlines with your youth.

Singles would have turned to Tinder a lot sooner 

What else is a single guy or gal to do if the YSA wards disappeared? Probably come up with lines more cheesy than these "16 Hilariously Awful Mormon Pick-up Lines."

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