19 Iconic Lord of the Rings Moments That Perfectly Sum Up Being a Mormon


Lord of the Rings and Latter-day Saints—the two go hand-in-hand more often than most of us care to admit. One does not simply sit through a three-hour block without hearing Middle-earth references in Sunday School on a regular basis.

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Even general authorities have been known to reference the classic story from time to time. So why do Mormons care so much about the Lord of the Rings? Maybe it's because we can relate so well to the characters and story. Don't believe me? Then check out these 19 iconic moments from Lord of the Rings that perfectly sum up what every Mormon experiences at church.

1. When you have one o‘clock church and you learn fast Sunday wasn‘t actually this week, it‘s next week:


2. Every time Elder Holland gets up to speak be like:

3. That first day off your mission when you suddenly realize you don't have a companion any more:

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4. What they tell you trek will be like:

What it's actually like:

5. Every Mormon's feelings before and after ward functions (we've already had break the fast and snacks yes, but what about mix and mingle, FHE treats, potlucks, ward dinners, desserts?):

6. That moment as a nursery teacher when you have to barricade the door to keep kids from running amuck and throwing Cheerios around the halls:

Speaking of Cheerios:

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7. Every time you get up to bear your testimony in church:

8. Meeting your family at the airport after your mission be like:

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9. When you learn you have nine o'clock church next year:

10. Boy Scouts leaders be like:

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11. Any time a guy has to go into the BYU testing center:

12. The best part of any ward function: rich, creamy, cheesy

13. The sweetest words after returning from the fourth year hike at girls camp:

14. Single saints at a speed dating activity be like:

15. Every single sacrament meeting after you have kids:

16. When your friend agrees to double on your first date with someone from your ward:

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17. After getting engaged, Mormon girls be like:

Mormon guys be like:

18. When your crush walks into Church:

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19. When you're recording the Super Bowl and the guys behind you begin giving score updates during Sunday School:

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