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2 Mormon Brothers Make It on Trump's Shortlist for Supreme Court Justices


After Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement last Wednesday, President Donald Trump said the person he will nominate will come from a previous list he released, one which includes two Mormon brothers.

If President Trump nominates Latter-day Saints Senator Mike Lee or Utah Supreme Court Justice Thomas Lee as the new Supreme Court Justice to fill Justice Kennedy's seat, this would make a historic first for Mormons. This is the second time the Lees have been on the shortlist for the Supreme Court, having made the list as possible nominees after Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016.

After learning he was on President Trump's shortlist, Senator Mike Lee told KSL he would not turn down the nomination if offered. He also said of his brother, "He is as bright and capable a lawyer and as sharp a legal mind as anyone I've ever worked with. If he were chosen, it would be to the great benefit of the country."

Lead images from Yahoo and Salt Lake Tribune.
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