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2 sister missionaries invited to sing on ABC Radio in Australia


Picture two young sister missionaries propping their phone up against a fountain that sits in the center of a busy traffic roundabout. Once they have the angle just right, the sisters hit record and begin to sing a gospel message they plan to share online.

That’s the scene ABC Radio host Joel Rheinberger stumbled across recently, and the sight caught his attention. So much so that he asked the young women to come on his radio show in Hobart, Australia.

Sister Elise Jones is from Washington State and spent about a year of her mission serving in North Carolina due to COVID restrictions; she’s been in now Australia for two months. Her companion Sister Danielle Matheson is serving a little closer to home—originally from the Gold Coast, Queensland—and has been serving for about seven months.

The two sisters had the opportunity to share their purpose and goals as missionaries.

“We try to bring a lot of joy and happiness into people’s lives—that’s our main goal—and teach them about Jesus Christ. And we just love what we do and love that we get to share that with everyone,” Sister Matheson said.

When asked about her transition to living and interacting with residents in Tasmania, Sister Jones said, “I love how happy everyone here is, and ... even if they aren't religious ... they’re very kind and we’re able to ... learn about people, their lives, what they love, what’s hard for them, and how they overcome that.”

The sisters also explained to the host and listeners how mission assignments work, what their day-to-day life includes, and where they find people to talk to, which isn’t always easy.

“Well, you’ve got this opportunity to talk to a few thousand people at the moment!” Rheinberger laughed.

Both sister missionaries come from musical families, and as a testament to the singing voices and scene that originally caught Rheinberger’s attention, the two young women sang “I am a Child of God” on air and testified to the power of music in sharing the gospel.

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You can listen to the full interview with Sister Matheson and Sister Jones here:

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