This Australian ward held a virtual Primary talent show. The results are too adorable to miss


In some areas of the world, Church leaders have begun to open chapel doors and welcome Latter-day Saints back for limited sacrament meetings. Most doors to Primary classes, however, will remain closed as leaders have been instructed to give priority to meetings where ordinances are performed. But that isn’t stopping Saints in Australia and in many other places around the world from reaching out to their Primary children.

Members of Gulfview Heights Ward in the Adelaide Australia Modbury Stake recently held a virtual talent show for their Primary. Children and families posted videos and pictures on their ward Facebook page to showcase their talents.

And what a happy array of talents were shared. Eight-year-old Benjamin proudly showed his ward family how he had learned to ride a bike. Seven-year-old Skyla performed a magic trick, with a little help from her dad. And 8-year-old Hayley uploaded a video of her reading a story she wrote and illustrated called The Princess Guinea Pig. Other children played the piano and performed songs.


Ward members watching the talent show posted comments to show their love and support.

“Our ward Primary talent show is one of many, many examples of members of our ward, as individuals and families, seeking to hear the voice of the Lord through the Spirit and ministering to others. Many members really enjoyed seeing the diverse talents our Primary children shared,” said Bishop Joshua Butler. “They helped to foster a spirit of increased unity in our ward while we have been apart. Although our ministering efforts have looked a little different these last few months, we each have talents, gifts, and abilities that can be used to be a light and bring light unto others. Our Primary children have led by example in teaching us this principle.”

Read more about the talent show and see more pictures at Church Newsroom Australia.

All images: Intellectual Reserve, Inc. 


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