20 Things Every Pre-Missionary Should Do Before Leaving for the MTC

You’ve got you call! … So now what? Well, obviously post it on Facebook because a bit of shameless self-promotion won’t hurt your chances for more mission mail. But after the tripods are taken down, streamer strands brushed up and the “TA-DA” cake has long been digested, then what?

Obviously, you’ve googled your mission to death, and possibly stumbled upon a few of the thousands of videos at preparetoserve.com – And I hope you’ve liked the FacebookMissionGeek, but we both know that’s not going to carry your enthusiasm, every single day through the next 6, 10 or even 12 weeks until your arrival at the MTC. So where next? What now?

It’s not an easy time, I remember well. I was one of a huge percentage of missionaries who every year became a “Visa Waiter” (echoed with scary Dracula organ chord). I waited the long six months after receiving my call, until finally arriving at the MTC. So I had to get pretty creative to stay motivated.

[. . .]

Start to learn your language – Go to the App Store or Google Play.

Go to Mission Prep class at Institute.

Offer to teach in Sunday school or priesthood class.

Start a blog and use social media to create a buzz about your mission call and decision to go. 

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