20 Hilarious Father's Day Gifts Perfect for Pinterest


We’ve all got a lot to thank our dads for: for bringing home the bacon, for imparting their priceless wisdom, for telling terrible jokes. Whatever your dad has done for you, these hilarious Father’s Day gifts will bring the smile to his face that he deserves.

Classy meets tasty with this awesome M&M bow tie. You can choose any candy that comes in a similar package, of course, but the great thing about M&Ms are the available puns:

  • “Happy Father’s Day from your little peanut.”
  • “M&M (many and many) thanks for being a great dad!”

For the brand-new dad who needs a little help, here’s a present that both daddy and baby can benefit from. Moms, grandparents, get excited: this one can be from you.

A Hershey chocolate mower, M&M engines, chocolate sixlet wheels, green-tinted icing and the cupcake flavor of your choice come together to make these adorably delicious Father’s Day cupcakes.

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