24 Harry Potter Moments That Are Straight Out of the Life of Mormons


Today, Harry Potter turned 38 years old. But despite his birthday on July 31, 1980, Harry Potter is timeless for millions around the world—including many Mormons who can't help but relate to the life of this brave, young wizard.

Don't believe me? Here are 24 moments almost all Mormons experience, straight for the Harry Potter series.

That moment when you receive a special letter issued by a wise man who fills your life with guidance and direction, a letter that will determine where you'll be spending the most pivotal years of your life:

That moment when you realize you are a son or daughter of parents with unimaginable power and potential:

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That moment you feel the power of the Spirit for the first time:

That moment when you discover there is a special school for peculiar people just like you:

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That moment when you're waiting to find out which tribe of Israel you belong to:

That moment when your family's too big to fit around one table:

What you look like before your mission versus what you look like after:

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That moment when you have to take your crying child into the hall during sacrament meeting:

That moment when your dad tries to tell your friends a cheesy Mormon joke:

That moment when you finally turn 16 and get to date for the first time:

That moment when you leave for the MTC:

That moment when you get sustained to teach nursery:

That moment when you ask a girl on a date the first time after your mission:

That moment your bishop gives the marriage talk in sacrament, all the boys be like:

That moment when you find the scouts throwing half of the camp equipment into the fire to see if it will explode:

That moment when you finally get to break your fast:

That one kid in the Primary program who won't stop waving to his mom:

That moment when your mom or dad catch you goofing off during sacrament meeting:

What you imagine the stake dance will be like:

What it's actually like:

That moment when you get to the pulpit to give your talk and find one page of your notes is missing:

That awkward moment when you don't know what to do after a stunning musical number at church:

That moment when you realize they ran out of refreshments at the ward activity:

Your answer when somebody asks whether you know if the Church is true:

Lead image from IMDb

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